Building bridges between science and language learning

When talking about education, subjects such as science and foreign languages are routinely pitted against each other. However, is such a division really necessary? In this webinar, our guest speaker Jenni Vartiainen (Ph.D.) will share how language and science can be combined in early education through a multiliteracy approach. We will discuss questions such as “What is multiliteracy?” and “What do stories and language have to do with science education?”

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Jenni Vartiainen

Jenni Vartiainen

Ph.D. Jenni Vartiainen, researcher & Co-founder of Kide Science. She is working as a researcher and university lecturer at Tampere University. Her research concerns science education at all levels of education. The main focus of her research is on early childhood science education, play-based approaches to STEAM education, and scientific literacy.


Saga Arola

Saga Arola is an English teacher with a master’s degree in English philology from the University of Helsinki. For the past five years she has been working in the field of early language learning and children’s language development. She is a Finnish-English bilingual and has studied seven other languages which has given her a comprehensive understanding of language learning.