Playful learning - the Finnish way

Finland is known for its playful pedagogy and great learning results. But how does playful learning work in practice? How can you teach language in a playful way? In our next webinar, we are joined by one of our English teachers Anna Pfefferle who will share her insights on playful learning in kindergartens and primary schools.

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Anna Pfefferle

Anna Pfefferle is an English teacher with a Master of Arts in Teaching from the USA. She has previously worked in early education in the USA and in Finland and is currently working as an English teacher in a primary school in Helsinki. In her teaching, Anna focuses on a comprehensive approach to language immersion.


Saga Arola

Saga Arola is an English teacher with a master’s degree in English philology from the University of Helsinki. For the past five years she has been working in the field of early language learning and children’s language development. She is a Finnish-English bilingual and has studied seven other languages.