Technology and young learners

Technology can be an invaluable tool in teaching, but sometimes it causes concerns among teachers and parents - especially when it comes to young learners. In this webinar, we will address some of the most common concerns regarding technology and young learners, as well as discuss the benefits of digital tools for learning.

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Anu Guttorm

Ms. Anu Guttorm is the CEO and founder of Playvation, the company behind Moomin Language School. She has over 15 years of experience in digital language education. As a seasoned EdTech professional and mother of two, Ms. Guttorm has a unique perspective on the future of learning. Her ambition is to challenge traditional teaching, drive change, and bring innovation to learning organizations.


Saga Arola

Saga Arola is an English teacher with a master’s degree in English philology from the University of Helsinki. For the past five years she has been working in the field of early language learning and children’s language development. She is a Finnish-English bilingual and has studied seven other languages.