The Benefits of EdTech in Early Language Learning

The future is here, and technology plays an increasingly large role in teaching and learning. But why? Like so many things, technology is a better servant than a master. The CEO of Moomin Language School, Anu Guttorm, is joined by EdTech guru Olli Vallo for a conversation about the ups and downs of learning technology, especially when it comes to language learning. What are the benefits of using technology in teaching languages? What are the challenges? What can technology replace, and what can it not? What does a good EdTech product look like? What should teachers consider when they are choosing a product?


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Anu Guttorm

Ms. Anu Guttorm is the CEO and founder of Playvation, the company behind Moomin Language School. She has over 15 years of experience in digital language education. As a seasoned EdTech professional and mother of two, Ms. Guttorm has a unique perspective into the future of learning. Her ambition is to challenge traditional teaching, drive change, and bring innovation to learning organizations.

Olli pysty

Olli Vallo

Olli Vallo is the CEO of Education Alliance Finland. He has worked in the Edtech field since 2012, has an MSc in Education, and worked previously as a primary teacher. Education Alliance Finland is specialized in evaluating the pedagogical impact and quality of learning solutions’. Through evaluating tens of new EdTech solutions every month EAF is gathering significant market insights.