The unique challenges of early language teaching

Research says that the best time to start learning a new language is in early childhood. But why is this? How do young children learn foreign languages? What should you keep in mind when teaching a new language to young children? We will address these questions in our first webinar of 2021.


10:00 - Helsinki (GTM+2)
15:00 - Hanoi / Bangkok (GTM+7) 
16:00 - Beijing / Kuala Lumpur (GTM+8) 
17:00 - Tokyo (GTM+9)  


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We get a lot of questions about the educational principles of Moomin Language School from teachers, parents and administrators. We are passionate about our method that make Moomin Language School so fun and effective. That’s why we wanted to really break down the knowledge we have and make it accessible to our users and teachers for the benefit of children around the world.

Whether you are an education professional or a parent interested in early language learning and digital tools, this series is packed with knowledge from a company that has 30 years of experience in the field.

The focus of the webinar is on the research-based theory behind language learning and our service.



Saga Arola
Head of pedagogy 

Saga Arola is an English teacher with a master’s degree in English philology from the University of Helsinki. For the past five years she has been working in the field of early language learning and children’s language development. She is a Finnish-English bilingual and has studied seven other languages which has given her a comprehensive understanding of language learning.


Moomin Language School is a digital language learning service for children aged 3-10 which can be easily and cost-effectively adopted by any early learning organization. Our unique immersive learning method is based on research, and we have academically proven results from several countries.